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Molded against this edifice of hindsight,
I look back to where we were,
and see our potential--
so far below...
walking together, we were without care;
when everything around us was so wrong,
fixed solely on us, noone would have known--
so long as we walked in step,
so long as we were close enough
to whisper,
so long as we had eachother,
it was enough.
From up here, we look so far,
down there, sitting together in the dark;
we didn't fully know eachother--
but it was ok--
we didn't share the same interests--
but it was ok--
no, to the outside, we didn't share much--
but it was ok,
we shared the burdens of our hearts,
we shared our brokenness,
we shared eachother.
With stone eyes I stare,
at how, back-to-back, we could face the world,
stronger than before;
in eachother we found a fit, a way
to escape--
in eachother we found a safe haven,
where we couldn't be hurt,
where our hearts and minds could
explore the depths of our
freed from fear.
Suspended at this heig
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Night-time Epiphany
Walking down this warmth-filled street
with a wistful wind to guide my way
when a winding boulevard might intertwine
my avenue of weary wishes
or to blow away a foul waft
from a shrewd, withered will—
lest it wane away leaving me with
an alley awash in waxing shadowed blues
where only cold-construed views show
narrow walls scrawled with
the routes of a secluded soul—
I behold the wealth found
in the warm, wise wind
and in the warm streetlamps glow.
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Slip me something ever sweet as sugar
To inter this time-distilled bitter—
Poured into all pits of my pallet—
Meanwhile others' stomachs' demands I've met.
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What You Mean to Me
Your smile is like a sunbeam
That pierces clouds of grey
That warms the heart and soul of many
And brightens up my day
Your spirit is like the rainfall
That washes away the dirt
Whenever I'm down, and talk to you
I am no longer hurt
Your friendship is like a mighty tree
Sturdy, tried, and true
To rest under it's branches
Is to say I trust in you
Your heart is like the endless sky
Expansive, it covers all
It seems to care for everything
From daybreak through nightfall
You are the world to me
Without you I'd be lost
Thank you so much for being you
I am so happy our paths could cross
You mean the world to me
That is all that I can say
To me you're more than just a friend
Have a happy Valentine's Day
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Alone we walk together
Hand in hand along the way
Accompanied by a gentle, steady rain
And the sky, a beautiful shade of grey
Alone we walk together
Looking at each other just to see,
With our eyes locked we begin to smile,
This was truly meant to be
Alone we walk together
Saying not a word
We know it in our hearts
It doesn't need to be heard
Alone we walk together
Eyes locked and fingers laced
Both finding happiness,
Despite the obstacles we've faced
Alone we walk together
Until that sound causes me to ache
My alarm disrupts our happiness
And from these dreams, I am forced to wake
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Ben Wilkinson
United States
Current Residence: Orlando, Florida
Favourite genre of music: meaningful ones
Favourite photographer: Hammer
Favourite style of art: Any
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: PC, iPOD
Shell of choice: Conch
Wallpaper of choice: I don't like wallpaper, I prefer paint
Skin of choice: Epidermus
Personal Quote: Life is, I'm crazy; what could result other than art?
"This is a blackmarket reformation..."

I have changed so much since i last gave considerable attention to this place, it's strange to think back on. I have come some-what full-circle; addressing whoever it is who escapes their life in my own for the duration of my expounding--not to have some bizarre connotation applied to the escape.  The concept and reason behind a public journal happened to play acrossed my mind there for a second.  Maybe it is for you now, too.  Afterall, this is personal at this point, isn't it?

Enough of that. I was saying that i had come full-circle, and it is simply in the temporal sense that i am going into my next year of "higher education." It feels exciting, as i am moving into an on-campus apartment with friends from church, i am going to be out of Orlando, and i get to start some new campus projects that i have had festering in my brain for the past three months and look forward to allowing to burst forth upon my fellow students at UNF.  It feels reticent, as i shall be leaving a crew of new friends, i am looking at a semester of all lectures save one art class, and i shall miss the spontaneity of the summer.

"...never understood my undeveloped story
But it makes sense to me, you make sense to me..."

After describing my ambitions for the year as some kind of sore, i suppose it would be anticlimactic to not go further and illustrate them.  The first is simply being a servant to my fellow scholars: i see far too many surfboards "fixed" by duct tape.  I aim to offer to fix anyone's board for free.  The supplies are cheap, so my greatest commitment is time--something that i feel is more than worth it given that i will be going insane if i do not have a project to work on with my hands amidst this semester of gordon rules and lecture halls.  The second idea is doing an open art house in our apartment at least once a week. Anything goes, drawing, painting, writing, singing, playing, dancing, it is all creative expression, and it will all be welcome.  Fire hazards are planned, anticipated, and encouraged.  Third is playing bass for my church, pretty straight-forward (well, now that i have a new bass after the last got stolen...).  Fourth is possibly serving as a lab-tech for printmaking.  Too many students need the extra time on the press, and i am pretty sure that a lot of the techs from last year graduated, so it will be short-handed as-is.  It also means that i shall never have to worry about getting enough time in the lab...

"...And innocence derailed
Savage the poison
Unhurried compass east..."

Is it possible for nostalgia to root itself firmly into your mind after only a year? I truly hope not. I hate nostalgia.  I think that it may play a role in not wanting to go back yet.  Of course, if it is nostalgia, then yet will never come to pass.

"...Dreams come clever
Hearts now severed
Difference of forever
And I am lost there..."

The utterly cliche intermittent use of song lyrics all comes from a selection of anberlin songs, because i am in an anberlin kind of mood. The first is from "We Dreamt in Heist," the next is from "The Undeveloped Story," followed by a selection from "Glass To The Arson" (capitalized as shown in itunes...), nearly last are lines from "Naive Orleans," and finally will be from "Glass To The Arson" again.

I hope that all is well for the collective "you," and if not, feel free to drop me a line, then we can transform it to the special, personal, private "you!"  Of course i may consider talking to you even if you are not in some form of pain ;P

God bless


"...And we are the arsons
who start all of your fires, burning
Burning your city down."


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:wave: goodbye and farewell. :cries: take care of your self..... [explodes] :explosion:

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i do still owe to bake you something. :cake: :chew: :!:

anyway.... i loooove yooou!!!! :glomp:
call me sometime.... i shall see you soon. :wave: :blowkiss:
bobthedinosaur Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2005
but of course :)
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your journal was quite interesting. right on.
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hehe, thanks. i was all excited about it

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We have a lot in common (the excitement over your journal). You know what this means? This means you should join this group... because I really like your journal. =D
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